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Wuyang Mountain is not only a mountain but a mountain of mountains including 72 mountains, with a total area of ​​77 square miles in Hubei province. Because of such secludedness and tranquility, few people set foot. According to the strict rules set by the Taoists themselves, they were almost not allowed to study for anyone other than the sect. From the ruins, the temples here are from the Tang Dynasty, now exist as 46 big mandarins and 72 am small. Avengers No One Fights Alone Breast Cancer 3d hoodie, sweater, t-shirt. Vo Duong is listed in one of the 72 locations of China, at first named Tien That Son, the highest one is Thien Tru Phong Phong. Recently, Chinese authorities have created many buildings, equipped with facilities for visitors to visit places that were previously considered forbidden places such as Tu Tieu Cung, Ngoc Hu Dien, Trieu Thien Cung, Nguyen Hoa Quan … On Vo Duong Mountain, the Taoist practitioners still practice esoteric martial arts and cultivate the tradition for hundreds of years.

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