Nice Butt Pug Poster


However, due to its origin as a noble breed, Pug loves to be pampered and pampered. They barely know what to do but eat and sleep. Pug dogs are extremely gluttonous, they can eat anything they give them. If you want Pug to do something, you can bring out food to lure them. In addition, because they are lazy but greedy, you should pay attention to regular walks to release the accumulated energy, to avoid obesity.

Nice Butt Pug Poster
Dog pug nice butt poster6

Pug dogs live affectionately, close and bond with the owner. They like to be cuddled and caressed by their owners at all times. If you find yourself close to other pets, the Pug will be jealous and stubborn. In particular, the Pug is an obedient dog when kept in the house. They have no interest in tearing up or destroying the furniture in the house while the owner is away.

Living conditions of the Pug
The favorable living conditions for Pug dogs are places with ample spaces and cool climates. This breed does not tolerate very hot or cold weather. The ambient temperature around 30 degrees C is stable. On hot days, you should not take the Pug outside. They can be kept in air-conditioned rooms or places with trees, shade, and coolness.

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