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In recent years, a number of central-level hospitals have also implemented social work activities with the participation of part-time medical staff and volunteers to support physicians in disease classification. counseling, referral services, care support for patients, … Some models of organizing social work activities in the hospital and in the community have also been formed in practice such as: social work, the Customer Care Department, the Social Charity team, … belonging to the hospital or a social work group to participate in supporting people with HIV / AIDS, mental patients, to help with rehabilitation in the commune / Ward,…
However, social work activities in the industry are only spontaneous, not adjusted by legal documents. Currently, there are no social work involvement at all 3 levels of activity in the health sector. First of all, in hospitals in all levels of the public and non-public sectors, medical examination and treatment activities are only performed by staff with medical and pharmaceutical expertise. The social therapies have not been paid attention. Currently, some hospitals, especially the southern provinces, maintain charitable social activities to help patients, but they are just spontaneous jobs, voluntarily participating by some individuals or organizations. These activities lack professionalism, are heavily rash, only help patients solve some urgent needs such as: charity kitchen, fundraising, … Meanwhile, in most diseases Hospitals of the country, especially the upper level hospitals, are often in overcrowding. Medical staff do not have enough time and ability to deal with many urgent needs of patients such as: extracting information on the social demographic characteristics of patients, providing information on price and quality. , the location of the services, counseling on treatment regimen, counseling on prevention, mental reassurance for the patient, … From there, we can see the need to use a team of social workers. The current health sector is very large and necessary.

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Social worker self care wheel poster

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