Cheech and Chong 50th anniversary 1971 2021 Shirt


 Cheech and Chong 50th anniversary 1971 2021 Shirt   The duo originally conceived their first feature film as a compilation of its “greatest hits” (pun still intended) from the records and live shows. And while they managed to squeeze a few favorites in there – “Earache My Eye” and a callback to the eternally brilliant “Dave’s Not Here” – they eventually decided to focus it on two characters. Marin would play Pedro de Pacas, a lecherous pothead known for driving his tricked-out lowrider and wearing a half-shirt with suspenders (“What’s the use of working so hard to have a six-pack if nobody sees it?” Marin asks now). Chong played Anthony Stoner – a bandana-wearing burnout better known simply as “Man.”“We had to concentrate on our strongest characters,” Marin says.“Those were the two characters with universal appeal,” Chong says.Marin and Chong first met in 1968 and bonded over a love of improv. “We started in a strip bar that Tommy’s family owned in the worst part of Vancouver,” Marin says. “He wanted to do improv theater, but he wanted to keep the topless element at the same time in order to preserve the audience that was already there. So it became topless improv, hippie burlesque. You had Cheech and Chong and naked girls … I don’t know if there was a choice of what to look at.” He laughs.  Cheech and Chong 50th anniversary 1971 2021 Shirt   As they worked out their routines, they figured out that their aesthetic was to take everyday situations and exaggerate them. “Real life in Cheech and Chong is the funniest stuff,” Chong says. “That’s what drove everything. In Up in Smoke, Cheech peeing in the hamper was a true story. He came home one day drunk and thought he’d found the toilet. And the scene where he wakes up with all the kids around him, blaring the television, that was from when Cheech stayed with my first wife and the family. He would sleep on the couch and every morning my kids would turn on the TV real loud.”Eventually, they stumbled on a comedy concept that Chong calls the “Most Of” rule. “You can’t just get high,” he explains, “you’ve got to be the highest you’ve ever been. And you can’t just roll a joint. It’s got to be the most of; It’s got to be the biggest joint ever. That’s what people respond to.” Cheech and Chong 50th anniversary 1971 2021 Shirt    They refined their material on the road, and, according to Marin, worked more than 300 days a year. Record producer Lou Adler, who worked with the Mamas and the Papas and co-owned the Roxy venue featured in Up in Smoke, spotted their act and offered to put out albums of their bits. When the time came to make the movie, it was Adler who worked as a producer attempting to sell it to prospective studios. “This was 1975, maybe, and I’d say, ‘I want to make a movie about marijuana with a Chinaman and a Mexican,\’” he says. “Not a lot of people were jumping at me and saying, ‘Yeah, let’s do this. Somebody over at Paramount understood it. I ended up financing it myself and they paid me back.” When filmmaker Floyd Mutrux walked away from the picture after failing to connect with the actors, Adler took over the directorial reins as well.he film became famous not just for its comically oversized spliffs for the comedians’ sense of improv. In a scene where Cheech and Chong are standing outside in Tijuana and a dog comes up and eats a burrito right out of Chong’s hand, the moment wasn’t scripted – it was just a hungry canine. In some ways, the movie was a precursor to the way that shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm are made – with a mere hint of a plot and the actors improvising the dialogue – though Chong contests that there was a “loose” script.  Cheech and Chong 50th anniversary 1971 2021 Shirt    


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