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Growing their undertakings to Japan, “No More Dream” was later re-recorded in Japanese and discharged in June 2014. BTS Friends tv show shirt  In September 2013, BTS discharged the second part to their “school set of three,” the all-inclusive play O!RUL8,2?, alongside its single “N.O,” which crested at number 92 in Korea. The EP topped at number four in Korea and has sold more than 160,000 duplicates to date, remembering 34,000 duplicates for its discharge year. Musically, BTS didn’t in a general sense change their sound as contrasted and 2 Cool 4 Skool, using searing rapping alongside trap beats, metal, and profound songs.

BTS Friends tv show shirt

Expressively, the EP developed the topic of dreams and bliss, uncovering their dissatisfaction under the unforgiving Korean instruction framework and their assurance to defy the battle of substantiating themselves. In spite of a few exhibitions on Korean music appears, the single immediately tumbled off the outlines. That equivalent month, BTS featured in their own theatrical presentation, SBS MTV’s Rookie King Channel Bangtan, in view of a phony communicate station, “Channel Bangtan”, through which individuals caricatured theatrical presentations, for example, VJ Special Forces and MasterChef Korea. Toward the year’s end, BTS was perceived with a few New Artist of the Year grants, including the fifth Melon Music Awards, 28th Golden Disk Awards and the 23rd Seoul Music Awards.

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