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Rey then discovers Luke, who was looking for the first Jedi Boba Fett and baby Yoda shirt Temple and for more information about the Jedi.Many books, short motion pictures, and computer games have been created that manage occasions that don’t occur in the first films. They additionally inform all the more regarding things that happened in the motion pictures. For instance, the book Death Star tells about the structure and annihilation of the space station from the first film. It educates much concerning things found in that motion picture however from the perspective of the individuals on the station.

Boba Fett and baby Yoda shirt

The greater part of the accounts in the Expanded Universe are about the modifying of the Republic after the Empire’s annihilation. They are set anyplace from the early Sith Wars which happened 5,000 years before Episode VI to more than one hundred years after Episode VI.In these motion pictures, robots are called droids, taken from the English word android (which means human-like), despite the fact that a large number of them don’t have an extremely human appearance. A portion of the fundamental legends and scoundrels in the motion pictures use vitality swords considered lightsabers that can cut nearly anything.

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