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But when he had finished, the Khaleefeh begged him to explain his case more fully. He therefore acquainted him with the whole of his circumstances from beginning to end; and when the Khaleefeh understood the affair, he said to him, Whither wouldst thou now repair? He answered, God’s earth is wide. The Khaleefeh then said to him, I will write for thee a letter which thou shalt convey to the Sulṭán Moḥammad the son of Suleymán Ez-Zeynee, and when he shall have read it, he will do thee no injury.[TOP] Halloween jack skellington i hate people shirt

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Noor-ed-Deen answered, By Allah, O fisherman, a wonderful event, and an extraordinary adventure, happened to me and this damsel: if it were engraved on the understanding, it would be a lesson to him who would be admonished.—Wilt thou not, rejoined the Khaleefeh, relate to us thy story, and acquaint us with thy case? Perhaps thy doing so may be productive of relief; for the relief of God is near.—So Noor-ed-Deen said, Wilt thou hear our story in poetry or in prose? Halloween Jack Skellington I hate people shirt. Prose, answered the Khaleefeh, is mere talk; and verse, words put together like pearls. And Noor-ed-Deen hung down his head towards the ground, and then related his story in a series of verses.

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